A Few Considerations for Planning a Property Extension


Planning a house extension is, no doubt a delightful project to design. The project is significant as it attributes your home with additional space. The only thing you should be careful about is to have the construction done absolutely as per your specifications. That’s the reason you must have the support of one of the most efficient builders in Surrey to iron out the intricacies. Here are a few crucial tips for you to have a smooth flowing home extension project.

Planning Permissions

As it is already mentioned that the project must adhere to the specifications set by you, at the same time, you should also make sure that it must comply with the local building rules and regulations. Inspect thoroughly if you need planning permission? If you need it, then you can customise the project in a way that you can go ahead without taking the hassle of getting the consent. With this, the project will be free from all sort of stress and worries.

Consultation with the Neighbours

You must take the initiative to convey your plans to the neighbours. If the project well complies to all rules and regulations and has the necessary permissions, then there is nothing to worry. It will help if you are cordial with your neighbours and this will help you in gaining the planning permission from the council easily.


You must always have a budget in mind from the outset of your planning. As you are talking to the builders in Surrey, the things you want to implement largely depend on the budget. It is wise to keep the budget flexible to accommodate the changing needs at any point of the construction.

Setting the Priorities

You must set your priorities well. Consider all the elements you want and need from the home extension. Always keep in mind that the extended space would be used for various purposes. The clearer would be your ideas about the extension; the more useful the area would tend to be. Share your thoughts with the builder, and your extension will turn out to be a more viable space for your home and will lead to excellent value addition.

Always think a little out-of-the-box and be creative. An extension will be a meaningful addition to your space. This will ensure you with the much sought-after space at your sweet home to be used in various ways.

Hire Builders To Reduce Construction Cost And Maximise Productivity


If you are planning to build a new home, get in touch with experienced builders and they will make the construction process easier for you. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and can share a few tips which will help in minimising the construction cost and maximise productivity. Just make sure that the professional you are hiring are both experienced and reputed.  Whatever the size of your project, completing it without exceeding your budget is one of the primary responsibilities of a builder.

Know How To Balance

Producing a high-quality construction project within a budget can be a complicated task. Cutting costs is not as simple as you think. There are a few significant expenses which you can’t ignore. Discuss your construction needs with the builder and they will help you with your budget.

They will also let you know whether you have to make any adjustment in the budget as the cost of labour and the price of the construction material is always increasing. A majority of the builders in Surrey are experienced budget controllers. They know where you should spend and where you should save, depending on your project.

4 Common Reasons you may exceed your Budget

  • Wrong project estimate
  • Mistakes in the designing phase
  • Error by admin
  • Change orders
  • Bad site management

Save Money During The Construction Project Phase

Each phase of the construction project is very important.  Builders rely on a more strategic approach and consider the full picture of the construction before deciding where they should cut costs. Since the two primary reasons behind exceeding your budget are mismanagement and ineffective communication, make sure you hire experienced builders in Godalming to construct your dream home. They know the easiest way to maximise your budget while delivering a professional service.

Let The Builder Design And Plan

Designing and planning the construction yourself, is not an easy task.  Instead of trying a DIY just to save a few pounds, get in touch with an experienced builder. They know that proper planning is important if you want to produce a good construction plan . The construction process gets tougher as the project progresses and its cost will also increase.

It is easier for experienced builders to complete your construction project without exceeding your budget as they use smarter and advanced tools. There is a wide variety of construction tools available in the market and they know which one will suit your construction needs for the best. Since professional builders have so much to offer, it’s time you start looking for one in Godalming.