What are the most common types of roof repairs your house needs?


The roof over your house protects you from extreme weather conditions. So, it is crucial to keep your roof well-maintained at all times.
As a homeowner, here are the most common types of roof repair in Surrey you must be aware of:

Fixing or replacing broken shingles

If your roof has missing shingles, it can open up your house to moisture and sun damage. As a result, any broken shingles must be detected at the earliest and repaired. Intact shingles ensure that your home is well-protected against all types of weather elements such as:

  • Moisture from rain and hail
  • Excessive UV radiation
  • High winds

Fixing or replacing broken tiles

Broken tiles can be just as inconvenient for your house as broken shingles. Since they are the topmost layer of your roof, they are continually exposed to harsh weather conditions. Although tiles are generally durable, proper repair and replacement can keep your house protected for a longer time. Regular monitoring of the state of roof tiles is mandatory. In case of any broken edges or cracks, they must immediately be repaired.

Cleaning the gutter pipe

The gutter pipe is responsible for keeping the water off your roof. These structures are exposed to a lot of debris regularly. Leaves, branches, pests, and dust can cause a build-up in your gutter, and they can cause water damage to your roof during the rainy season and winter. Hence, gutter cleaning is an essential type of roof repair in Surrey.

Fixing leaks

Roof leaks can be extremely unpleasant. If rainwater or melting ice gets to the roof’s underlayment, it can cause severe moisture damage. This can cost you a lot of money in the long run. So, to ensure minimal wear and cost, preventive repairs must be done to the roof. Fixing any minor leak and locking it down instantly is the wisest solution. In that way, you can avoid any mildew or rot build-up in your house structure.
There is no alternative to a sound and thorough roof repair. Red Rock provides reliable and efficient roof repairs to all types of homes. Their services are effective and available at reasonable prices.