It will help if you gauge the urgency of replacing your roof before it is too late.  There are times when the condition of your roof is gradually deteriorating, but you are oblivious of the fact. This might lead to severe outcomes as your roof might get irreparable.  It will be a massive expenditure if such an instance arises.  Although all the signs are not very obvious, there are still a few which can be traced at an earlier stage to necessitate corrective measures. Here are some of the common indications that it’s time your roof needs a replacement.  It would help if you looked for efficient roofing contractors in Surrey to fix the dilapidating roof to handle roof repair in Surrey.

5 Warning Signs You Need a Brand New Roof


Are you noticing termites at home of late?  These are the damaging pests that tend to nestle around in your attic and eat away the wood in the roof system. This turns out to be teething trouble, and the roof often gets so severely damaged that you need to replace it over time.

Water stains on the ceiling

Many a time you notice that a water stain has developed in the ceiling and you cannot find out the source to it.  The problem lies on the floor or the roof over your ceiling. If there is any leakage problem in the roof, then the water streaks will keep on spreading and will dampen the area.  It is mandatory to change the roof under such circumstance.

Check the Shingles

It would help if you had observant eyes on your rooftop, especially after a massive storm.  Make sure that it is in ship-shape and the shingles lay flat against the roof.  If you observe buckling, cracks and damaged areas then it calls for repair work. Check for the granules from the shingles in the downspouts and shingles. If you find a lot of granules, then take it as a hint that your roof is fast losing its usability.

Dark Patches

Keep an eye on the surface of the roof, if you trace a darker and dirtier area then it signifies mould problem, which is a severe roofing issue.  When moisture is retained in the roof, then the question of mould arises. Immediate action must be taken to eliminate the problem as otherwise there won’t be any other option but replacing the roof.

Get the Flashings Inspected

Often the areas around the chimney seals, vents, and skylights bear flashings around them. They protect the roof seams from rain, storm, and other weather conditions. They are the points that should be checked at regular intervals.  In case there are any cracks, breaks, or other damages been detected then be careful about it as they might lead to leaks. It is wise to upgrade to metal flashings as they are the more durable choices.

The roof is the part that takes a load of your entire home structure, so a sturdy roof implies an efficient home. If there is any leakage issue in the roof, then the conditioned air will be escaping through it. Thus the energy efficiency level of your house diminishes. A weak room weakens the whole building and so if there is any major issue in your roofing system, then it would be a wise option to invest in a roof replacement. Get the advice from one of the experienced roofing contractors in Surrey, and they will give you the perfect solution. Red Rock is one name in the roofing domain in Surrey you can trust on.

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