Things To Look For When Hiring Builders In Surrey


Building your dream home can indeed become a challenging task without an experienced builder by your side as they will create a home which matches your specifications. Hire a custom home builder and you don’t have to worry about home installations or expensive repairs. A newly constructed home also needs less maintenance than an old home.

Hiring Builders In Surrey? 4 Vital Things To Consider

1. Reputation of The Construction Company

When hiring builders ensure that they work for a reputable construction company. Check their guarantees and the reputation that they have earned over the years.

2. On-Time Delivery

Irrespective of your construction project’s size, it is the responsibility of your builder to complete it within the specified timespan. Experienced builders understand the value of time and always follow a stringent completion date. It is the project manager’s responsibility to deliver projects end to end within the constraints of resources, budget and time.

3. Various Building Services

Builders know that every homeowner’s construction needs differ and let them choose from a wide variety of building services. Few of them are pre-construction design and estimating construction management, remodelling, upgrades, building sustainability, renovation and expansion. Choose cost-saving solutions if you want to fast track your project and meet your budget goals.

4. Track Record

You can be assured that Red Rock builders in Surrey are capable of completing your construction project to the highest standards; they have an unblemished track record of undertaking many private and commercial projects. They know the various issues that might crop up when constructing your dream home and how to deal with them.

It’s time you get in touch with the builders at Red Rock for more information.

Best Loft Conversion Ideas for Getting Extra Space in Your Home

Best Loft Conversion Ideas

When you are going through the crisis of lack of space in your existing home, you should consider having a house extension to meet your requirements. There can be different types of house extension solutions for you. A loft conversion is one of them. Converting an unused loft can be a great idea to add more usable space to your house. You should contact the top builders in Godalming, Surrey to obtain the most impressive results.

Types of Loft Conversion

There are different types of loft conversion ideas available in the market. Only an experienced and highly skilled building professional can help you with the best ideas. They will suggest you the right style as per your requirements and budget.

  • Dormer loft conversion
  • Mansard loft conversion
  • Hip toa gable loft conversion
  • Velux loft conversion

A professional and experienced builder company always have complete knowledge about all this style and design. Hence you can feel relaxed when you hire an experienced team for a loft conversion.

Factors to Keep in Mind

  • Your budget for the loft conversion project
  • The type of house you already have
  • The location of the house to obtain planning permission
  • The purpose for which you need the loft conversion
  • The total space you can have for conversion

You can use the loft for multiple purposes. It can be a new bedroom with a great view. You can have a stunning study for yourself. Your children can get their playroom. You can use that room as a space to enjoy your hobby or for the entertainment purpose.

Before you go further with your loft conversion plans, look for the most reliable and affordable builders in your locality to obtain flawlessly service.

A Few Considerations for Planning a Property Extension


Planning a house extension is, no doubt a delightful project to design. The project is significant as it attributes your home with additional space. The only thing you should be careful about is to have the construction done absolutely as per your specifications. That’s the reason you must have the support of one of the most efficient builders in Surrey to iron out the intricacies. Here are a few crucial tips for you to have a smooth flowing home extension project.

Planning Permissions

As it is already mentioned that the project must adhere to the specifications set by you, at the same time, you should also make sure that it must comply with the local building rules and regulations. Inspect thoroughly if you need planning permission? If you need it, then you can customise the project in a way that you can go ahead without taking the hassle of getting the consent. With this, the project will be free from all sort of stress and worries.

Consultation with the Neighbours

You must take the initiative to convey your plans to the neighbours. If the project well complies to all rules and regulations and has the necessary permissions, then there is nothing to worry. It will help if you are cordial with your neighbours and this will help you in gaining the planning permission from the council easily.


You must always have a budget in mind from the outset of your planning. As you are talking to the builders in Surrey, the things you want to implement largely depend on the budget. It is wise to keep the budget flexible to accommodate the changing needs at any point of the construction.

Setting the Priorities

You must set your priorities well. Consider all the elements you want and need from the home extension. Always keep in mind that the extended space would be used for various purposes. The clearer would be your ideas about the extension; the more useful the area would tend to be. Share your thoughts with the builder, and your extension will turn out to be a more viable space for your home and will lead to excellent value addition.

Always think a little out-of-the-box and be creative. An extension will be a meaningful addition to your space. This will ensure you with the much sought-after space at your sweet home to be used in various ways.