Commercial Loft Conversion – Know the Benefits


With the growing need for “work from home” schedule during the lockdown and pandemic phase, the demand for building a home office is increasing daily. The number of self-employed workers and start-up firms is rising rapidly. A loft conversion is a great idea to have a smart and cosy home office.

1.Create that Office-Like Environment

When you convert your loft into a smart and nice office, you can focus on your work better. You can easily create that office-like environment in your newly converted loft.

2.Maintaining the Balance

Working on your laptop at the corner of the kitchen or living room to finish up your urgent assignments is not a good thing. This kind of situation can create issues in both your family and professional life. Having a separate space for doing office work will always help you to maintain the balance between these two.

3.Enjoy the Comfort of Home

While converting your attic into an office, you can take care of your comfort level and safety. You can ask your loft conversion contractor about adding features to that space which you specifically require in your office. From the lighting to the furniture – everything will be designed and installed as per your requirements.  You can create your dream office in the loft according to your budget. The top loft conversion experts will design the layout of the commercial loft conversion to meet your needs perfectly.

At Red Rock, we offer professional loft conversions for residential and commercial properties. We have vast knowledge and experience in this field. Our experts use the latest techniques and designs and use materials provided by the top suppliers in the industry.

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The Process of Transforming Your Loft


If you are in need of more space in your home, you don’t have to move to a new house. There is one part of your house that might come to your rescue: the loft. Usually, loft and attics are used for storage, but with a loft conversion, you can transform the loft into an extra room for your added space.

  • Conversion specialists analyse and inspect your loft and suggest the type of conversion suitable. An architect makes the plan for the builders to follow.
  • The loft is completely cleared for people to work in it. Any obstacles like chimney stacks or storage tanks are shifted or removed.
  • Any structural reinforcements needed are done now. Steel joists might be required to strengthen the structure.
  • Things attached to the joints and binders are removed. This is the stage where rewiring takes place. If there are pipes, those will also have to be shifted. After new floor joists are fitted, rewiring and pipework can be done. Following this, the floors are insulated, and floorboards are laid.
  • External roof work is completed simultaneously.
  • Roof windows and roof ventilation is installed. The internal walls are also taken care of, and the walls are insulated and plastered.
  • The staircase is installed hereafter, and all the interior work is taken care of.
  • You can start decorating your place after the final details are added.

This is what to expect in a loft conversion project. If you are looking for able builders in Surrey who can do a good job, you should check out Red Rock Property Services. They are experts in the field and will help you in making your vision a reality.

Essential Things to Consider Before Choosing A Loft Conversion


A loft conversion can be one of the most suitable and accessible ways for adding that extra space to your house and getting yourself the luxury of living in the spacious home you have always wanted. The dormer loft conversion is a prevalent type that can be found in UK homes, and it is built out of the existing slope of the roof giving space as well as a good value for your money.

What is a dormer loft conversion?

A dormer loft conversion is an extension structure built on the existing sloping roof. It helps in creating extra space with more access to the headroom as it is a vertical protrusion from the ceiling, offering an airy and more prominent appearance to the cramped room you once had. There are several types of dormer conversion which the builders can provide you according to your needs and specifications.

Why should you go for a dormer loft conversion?

This particular type of loft conversion comes with a lot of benefits. There are several reputed builders to help you in getting the perfect solution.

1. Plenty of headroom

Dormer loft conversion renders you with the maximum amount of space that you can wish for. They offer a considerable amount of headroom, and you won’t have to bend all the time under a sloped ceiling as the dormer will enhance the space giving an extra feel of height.

2. Plenty of natural light

As the dormer loft conversion increases the vertical space of your house, it adds plenty of natural light to the room. This is also possible that you can fit in several more windows to the smaller space you once had.

3. Versatility

These loft conversions can be used in many ways. Starting from the master bedroom and ensuite to the bathroom or even your office, the dormer conversion helps in adding space wherever you feel the need.

So, it can be said that a dormer loft conversion can be a good investment and good money’s worth if you wish to turn your small confined space into a bright and comfortable living area.