Best Loft Conversion Ideas for Getting Extra Space in Your Home

Best Loft Conversion Ideas

When you are going through the crisis of lack of space in your existing home, you should consider having a house extension to meet your requirements. There can be different types of house extension solutions for you. A loft conversion is one of them. Converting an unused loft can be a great idea to add more usable space to your house. You should contact the top builders in Godalming, Surrey to obtain the most impressive results.

Types of Loft Conversion

There are different types of loft conversion ideas available in the market. Only an experienced and highly skilled building professional can help you with the best ideas. They will suggest you the right style as per your requirements and budget.

  • Dormer loft conversion
  • Mansard loft conversion
  • Hip toa gable loft conversion
  • Velux loft conversion

A professional and experienced builder company always have complete knowledge about all this style and design. Hence you can feel relaxed when you hire an experienced team for a loft conversion.

Factors to Keep in Mind

  • Your budget for the loft conversion project
  • The type of house you already have
  • The location of the house to obtain planning permission
  • The purpose for which you need the loft conversion
  • The total space you can have for conversion

You can use the loft for multiple purposes. It can be a new bedroom with a great view. You can have a stunning study for yourself. Your children can get their playroom. You can use that room as a space to enjoy your hobby or for the entertainment purpose.

Before you go further with your loft conversion plans, look for the most reliable and affordable builders in your locality to obtain flawlessly service.

The Process of Transforming Your Loft


If you are in need of more space in your home, you don’t have to move to a new house. There is one part of your house that might come to your rescue: the loft. Usually, loft and attics are used for storage, but with a loft conversion, you can transform the loft into an extra room for your added space.

  • Conversion specialists analyse and inspect your loft and suggest the type of conversion suitable. An architect makes the plan for the builders to follow.
  • The loft is completely cleared for people to work in it. Any obstacles like chimney stacks or storage tanks are shifted or removed.
  • Any structural reinforcements needed are done now. Steel joists might be required to strengthen the structure.
  • Things attached to the joints and binders are removed. This is the stage where rewiring takes place. If there are pipes, those will also have to be shifted. After new floor joists are fitted, rewiring and pipework can be done. Following this, the floors are insulated, and floorboards are laid.
  • External roof work is completed simultaneously.
  • Roof windows and roof ventilation is installed. The internal walls are also taken care of, and the walls are insulated and plastered.
  • The staircase is installed hereafter, and all the interior work is taken care of.
  • You can start decorating your place after the final details are added.

This is what to expect in a loft conversion project. If you are looking for able builders in Surrey who can do a good job, you should check out Red Rock Property Services. They are experts in the field and will help you in making your vision a reality.

2 Significant Tips to Maintain Your Roof During Autumn


Autumn is the time of the year when you should maintain your home to avoid all future damages. Autumn or fall is the time when the weather starts getting colder. This is also the time when rooftop maintenance should be your priority along with gutter maintenance, which is also another essential. Hence, if you are thinking of repairing your rooftop, then you must call the roof repair specialists in Surrey. In case you are looking for some rooftop maintenance tips, then you are on the right page. Here are some critical considerations to extend the lifespan of your rooftop.

Tree Trimming

When the season changes the leaves turns from orange to yellow, and just before falling from the trees, it becomes red. Not only leaves the limbs also fall, and if they land on your roof, then it can harm your rooftop. Besides that, the leaves clump up, and it can soak water and moisture. As a result of this, you might experience extensive roof damage. However, if you are not removing the leaves from your roof for a long time, then it will be costly to repair the damage. Hence, you should call the professional roofers in your location for tree trimming.

Invest as Required

The professional roof repair service providers will tell you about those parts of your roof that need urgent repair. Hence, you must follow the instructions without wasting any time before it’s too late. Sometimes a small problem can turn into a big problem. Get in touch with Red Rocks for all your roofing repairs and maintenance.

How Long Does It Take to Convert a Loft?


The most common question asked by customers during a loft conversion is, ” How much time does it take?” Well, it is impossible to mention a fixed or specific period for a loft conversion. There are various kinds of loft conversions, and the time taken for each type depends on the type of service you require.

The time taken for such conversions depends entirely on the type of conversion, the materials used, the type of staircases installed, the number of doors and windows added, and various other factors.

Three phases of converting a loft by builders in Surrey:

  • Designing
  • Planning
  • Maintaining

The different types of loft conversion

In Surrey, there are mainly three types of loft conversions, namely:

1. Dormer: 

 It is the most common type of conversion. At first, builders in Surrey make a vertical wall from the bottom of the roof. The wall is then joined to a flat roof. It helps in creating a head-space within the loft. There is no permission required for this conversion process.

2. Hip to gable:

This is a bit more complex than the dormer process. It is required for changing the slope of the roof to a gable end. Special permission is needed in this case. This takes a longer time than the dormer process.

3. Mansard:

This involves a massive change in the structure of the house. It takes a lot of time and is often quite expensive.

Is your home appropriate for a loft conversion?

Conversions is a popular form of home improvement as it helps in increasing the overall size of your property. Conversion is a better and more economical idea than moving. With the enhanced need for space within your home, you may want to convert a loft!

If you are wondering whether your house is suitable for such structural changes, well, it depends on an array of factors that a professional can assess and describe elaborately.

Here are some of the things to be considered:

  • The height of your home ceiling is an essential factor. The roof must have a minimum height of 2.3 meters to facilitate a conversion.
  • The structure is also an essential factor. The type of engineering work done on the roof space can determine the kind of conversion that can be done.
  • A staircase needs to be installed to follow the conversion regulations.
  • You may or may not require written permission from the concerned authorities.

Essential Things to Consider Before Choosing A Loft Conversion


A loft conversion can be one of the most suitable and accessible ways for adding that extra space to your house and getting yourself the luxury of living in the spacious home you have always wanted. The dormer loft conversion is a prevalent type that can be found in UK homes, and it is built out of the existing slope of the roof giving space as well as a good value for your money.

What is a dormer loft conversion?

A dormer loft conversion is an extension structure built on the existing sloping roof. It helps in creating extra space with more access to the headroom as it is a vertical protrusion from the ceiling, offering an airy and more prominent appearance to the cramped room you once had. There are several types of dormer conversion which the builders can provide you according to your needs and specifications.

Why should you go for a dormer loft conversion?

This particular type of loft conversion comes with a lot of benefits. There are several reputed builders to help you in getting the perfect solution.

1. Plenty of headroom

Dormer loft conversion renders you with the maximum amount of space that you can wish for. They offer a considerable amount of headroom, and you won’t have to bend all the time under a sloped ceiling as the dormer will enhance the space giving an extra feel of height.

2. Plenty of natural light

As the dormer loft conversion increases the vertical space of your house, it adds plenty of natural light to the room. This is also possible that you can fit in several more windows to the smaller space you once had.

3. Versatility

These loft conversions can be used in many ways. Starting from the master bedroom and ensuite to the bathroom or even your office, the dormer conversion helps in adding space wherever you feel the need.

So, it can be said that a dormer loft conversion can be a good investment and good money’s worth if you wish to turn your small confined space into a bright and comfortable living area.

7 Amazing Loft Conversion Ideas that Makes Your House Look Stunning


Often people consider converting their loft into an extra room to solve the limited space issue in their existing house. Sometimes, you may have enough living space in your current construction but need an extra bedroom or bathroom. Sometimes you may need a nice cosy space for your teenage daughter or a playroom for your children.

A perfect loft conversion project helps you to obtain a room which can be used for multiple purposes. You need to contact the loft conversion specialists to get some creative ideas before starting the project.

1. Make It a Home Library

If you are highly keen to read books and do not have enough space to keep them in your existing rooms, then the idea of a loft conversion can save you. You can easily transform your loft into a home library. Here you can add shelves to keep the books in order, have a small table and chair or some cosy sitting arrangements to enjoy your book reading time.

2. Get a Stylish Walk-In Wardrobe

Many people may not confess, but having a walk-in wardrobe is the dream of 80% of the UK population. They just love the idea of having such a kind of wardrobe where they can actually walk in. A loft space will allow you to dress up and see yourself in those large mirrors too.

3. A Perfect Playroom for Kids

As per the top building contractors in Surrey, most of the homeowners prefer to have the loft conversion project to get a nice and safe playroom for their kids. Your loft can be a great bedroom or playroom for your little ones. You need to keep the design simple yet safe and interesting, where your kids would love to spend their time with their favourite toys.

4. A Cosy Home Office

With more and more UK people getting involved in a home-based business or freelance career; the demand for having a home office has increased. You can transform your loft into a smart and cosy home office easily with the help of the loft conversion experts.

5. A Stunning Bathroom

Your loft bedroom must have a stunning bathroom. Even if you cannot fit the shower due to the height issue of the room, you can easily have a bathtub, and a freestanding bath can be planned under the low ceiling. You do not require higher headroom for this.

6. Use the Awkward Space for Storage

The loft may have various awkward spaces because of its unusual shape and height. An experienced loft conversion specialist can easily utilise those spaces for storage. You can have some brilliant storage units in those sloping walls of the loft.

7. Let the Natural Lights Entre

Plan the loft windows carefully so that the room can receive enough natural lights. This will reduce your monthly energy bills, and you can feel fresh and positive because of the natural lights.
Red Rock is a famous name in the industry of building and construction in Kent. We have special talents in a loft conversion. Our experts can offer you contemporary loft conversion ideas to match your lifestyle, requirements and budget.

Kindly get in touch with us for more details.

A Few Considerations for Planning a Property Extension


Planning a house extension is, no doubt a delightful project to design. The project is significant as it attributes your home with additional space. The only thing you should be careful about is to have the construction done absolutely as per your specifications. That’s the reason you must have the support of one of the most efficient builders in Surrey to iron out the intricacies. Here are a few crucial tips for you to have a smooth flowing home extension project.

Planning Permissions

As it is already mentioned that the project must adhere to the specifications set by you, at the same time, you should also make sure that it must comply with the local building rules and regulations. Inspect thoroughly if you need planning permission? If you need it, then you can customise the project in a way that you can go ahead without taking the hassle of getting the consent. With this, the project will be free from all sort of stress and worries.

Consultation with the Neighbours

You must take the initiative to convey your plans to the neighbours. If the project well complies to all rules and regulations and has the necessary permissions, then there is nothing to worry. It will help if you are cordial with your neighbours and this will help you in gaining the planning permission from the council easily.


You must always have a budget in mind from the outset of your planning. As you are talking to the builders in Surrey, the things you want to implement largely depend on the budget. It is wise to keep the budget flexible to accommodate the changing needs at any point of the construction.

Setting the Priorities

You must set your priorities well. Consider all the elements you want and need from the home extension. Always keep in mind that the extended space would be used for various purposes. The clearer would be your ideas about the extension; the more useful the area would tend to be. Share your thoughts with the builder, and your extension will turn out to be a more viable space for your home and will lead to excellent value addition.

Always think a little out-of-the-box and be creative. An extension will be a meaningful addition to your space. This will ensure you with the much sought-after space at your sweet home to be used in various ways.

Want To Build A Custom Home? Few Vital Things To Consider

Want To Build A Custom Home

Choosing a builder with years of experience in the industry. Having the best custom home builder by your side, you can stay assured of getting value for money. But choosing the best professional is not as easy as you think. You can make the task easier by considering a few vital factors.

4 Vital Factors To Consider When Hiring A Builder For Your Custom Home

Qualifications And Experience

Check whether the builders you are hiring have the experience and qualifications required to build a custom home. Understand your expectations from the building and look for one with prior experience in undertaking similar projects. Pay equal importance to the qualification and experience of the builder. Certified builders value their reputation and can ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Communication Skills

It will be easier for an experienced builder to transform your vision of a beautiful home into reality if he has good communication skills. Discuss your expectations from the home with them and check whether they are able to communicate with you. If they ever face any problem during the construction process, they should discuss it with you before making a decision.

Cost Of Construction

Though you can have numerous benefits by building a custom home, make sure you consider the cost of construction. Ask the builder to provide you with a cost estimate. Even if you are willing to build a home with the latest features, exceeding your budget is not a wise thing to do. Experienced builders in Godalming know how to work on a tight budget.


The easiest way to know whether your builder is reputed or not is by going through clients’ testimonials. If their previous clients feel that your builder has been successful in delivering high-quality work, you can hire them with complete peace of mind.
It’s time you consider the points stated above and hiring the best builder for your custom home will become easier.

Top Ideas for Your Loft Conversion Design and Layout Planning


Having a loft or attic can be a great way to expand your space in a budget-friendly way. It is a great choice to create extra space to meet the growing family needs. It will also enhance the value of your home to a great extent. Here are some of the crucial considerations you can incorporate while deciding on your loft conversion in Surrey.

Vital Tips to Maximise the Loft Space

There are many loft layout and design ideas one can incorporate effectively. The most crucial element to be taken into consideration is that the modifications done to the rooftop must go well with the design of the house.

Considering the type of loft structure is crucial.

Every loft is different in its way. they can be conventional or unconventional shapes depending on your design of the house and space you have to build. These factors have a significant impact on the cost to be incurred in the conversion process. The value should be based on the practical usability of the excess space created. While making way for the extra space, it might take up some of the current areas as well. That should be taken into consideration during the planning phase.

Designs to consider

Choose the hip-to-peak outline

This is generally meant for houses which are semi-attached with the rooftop being inclined to one side. Here the roof needs to be stripped, and the inclination needs to be eliminated. The end divider is developed to a vertical peak, and a customised pitched loft at the completion.

Use roof lights to transform the loft

Roof lights can be included for a complete transformation of the space. Redesigning the attic with the inclusion of electricity for the lights and the staircase and taking care of the plumbing works are the essential aspects of this job. This is an option that involves minimum expenditure.

Create a space for visitors

Not all homes have enough space to accommodate visitors at one time. So, adjusting the loft space to cater to several guests occasionally will be a great idea.

Use the space lost in designing as a storage area

As you are creating the loft space, it is quite likely that some space will be lost underneath low roofs, slants, and so on. Transform them to bespoke storage solutions and maximise the storage advantage.

Get in touch with some professional contractor specialised to offer services related to loft conversion in Surrey.

Hire Builders To Reduce Construction Cost And Maximise Productivity


If you are planning to build a new home, get in touch with experienced builders and they will make the construction process easier for you. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and can share a few tips which will help in minimising the construction cost and maximise productivity. Just make sure that the professional you are hiring are both experienced and reputed.  Whatever the size of your project, completing it without exceeding your budget is one of the primary responsibilities of a builder.

Know How To Balance

Producing a high-quality construction project within a budget can be a complicated task. Cutting costs is not as simple as you think. There are a few significant expenses which you can’t ignore. Discuss your construction needs with the builder and they will help you with your budget.

They will also let you know whether you have to make any adjustment in the budget as the cost of labour and the price of the construction material is always increasing. A majority of the builders in Surrey are experienced budget controllers. They know where you should spend and where you should save, depending on your project.

4 Common Reasons you may exceed your Budget

  • Wrong project estimate
  • Mistakes in the designing phase
  • Error by admin
  • Change orders
  • Bad site management

Save Money During The Construction Project Phase

Each phase of the construction project is very important.  Builders rely on a more strategic approach and consider the full picture of the construction before deciding where they should cut costs. Since the two primary reasons behind exceeding your budget are mismanagement and ineffective communication, make sure you hire experienced builders in Godalming to construct your dream home. They know the easiest way to maximise your budget while delivering a professional service.

Let The Builder Design And Plan

Designing and planning the construction yourself, is not an easy task.  Instead of trying a DIY just to save a few pounds, get in touch with an experienced builder. They know that proper planning is important if you want to produce a good construction plan . The construction process gets tougher as the project progresses and its cost will also increase.

It is easier for experienced builders to complete your construction project without exceeding your budget as they use smarter and advanced tools. There is a wide variety of construction tools available in the market and they know which one will suit your construction needs for the best. Since professional builders have so much to offer, it’s time you start looking for one in Godalming.